During these uncertain times, we are taking every precaution to provide pristine merchandise so you have one less thing to worry about. Please have a look at our extensive safety list and shop stress free with ADITYA AHUJA. 

1. Our karighars (weavers/printers/seamstresses) are regularly checked for flu like symptoms and are given time off for any ailment, no matter how small or seemingly inconsequential. They all work 6 feet apart, utilize masks and gloves and wash their hands before and after each task. And, off course, the workshops are thoroughly sanitized. 

2. Furthermore, all our products are kept aside (untouched) for 14 days after manufacturing at our separate packaging and warehousing centers. 

3. These centers are thoroughly sanitized on a daily basis. Moreover, our quality control and packaging experts are currently living and working from our warehouse (under self quarantine) to minimize the risk of infection. Each item entering the warehouse undergoes thorough sanitization and non-perishables are left untouched for a period of time before being opened in an abundance of caution. 

4. Our workers use gloves and masks when checking and packaging your product to ensure the inside of your package is safe and clean. 

5. The courier companies we utilize have their own set of stringent safety protocols. However, we do not have control of the package during transport. Considering that current science estimates Covid-19 can last on cardboard for up to 24 hours, we recommend leaving the package untouched for a couple days before opening it up, just to be safe. If you need to open it immediately - and let's be honest, some of us cannot resist - please sanitize the cardboard box before hand. We champion the use of excess caution! 

6. Please do not use sanitizer on the fabric within the package or the product itself. As stated above, we have taken every precaution - moreover, the corrosive nature of most sanitizers is harmful to handcrafted material. 

This is a very stressful and uncertain time across the globe. We do hope that our safety precautions allay your shopping concerns and we look forward to a time when life is just a little bit brighter.