At ADITYA AHUJA, our main goal is to produce high quality home furnishings that elevate the spirit. Design has a profound effect on visceral, behavioral and reflective levels of processing. Cognizant of this, we strive to create simple, soothing and uncluttered patterns that are often playful and whimsical. The products themselves are of the highest quality to ensure comfort and functionality but also to sustain the happiness derived from the design. Our motto is simple, ‘quality above all else in production and simplicity and joy in design.’

ADITYA AHUJA embraces India’s gloriously multi-faceted design heritage – creating a design identity that is subtle and light, playful and colorful, detailed and elegant. Our collections are inspired by age-old Indian patterns, reimagined and reworked to fit a modern aesthetic. They are manufactured using traditional Indian handloom techniques with natural organic fibers to give you a product of impeccable quality and ensured sustainability. We hope that our patterns make you smile and that our products reintroduce you to an Indian design to revel in.