Our process is based on a simple aim – quality above all else in production. This fundamental principal determines every facet of our manufacturing. For us, this means sustainable practices, pure organic fibres, traditional handloom techniques and exceptionally detailed finishing. Hand printing, hand quilting and hand stitching produce singularly distinctive pieces. Each textile is intrinsically one of a kind – a showcase to the skill and craftsmanship of the Indian karigar.

Let us take you through the process –

Every motif is first sketched by hand to best illustrate movement and provide a natural flow to the design. These hand-drawn elements are then combined using computer software, and refined to fit the various fabric widths needed for different uses. Once completed, the patterns are sent to the block maker and screen maker to hand produce the moulds for the printing process.

We use only organic Irish linen for our yardage goods and organic Indian cotton voile for our quilts. The fabrics are prewashed and softened to provide a broken-in feel to each product.

Screen Printing:
The large intricate designs of our yardage goods are screen printed by hand using natural dyes. Twenty-four different screens are required to produce a single length and width repeat of our complex inaugural design, Laila. These individually hand-pressed screens create natural variations in pattern and colour, adding to the beauty of each bolt.

Block Printing:
Each of the small patterns on our quilts are block printed by hand: our karigars dip hand-carved teak blocks in natural dyes before gently pressing the patterns onto cloth. As each individual motif is applied separately, subtle colour and pattern variations occur throughout each finished final product.

Our Jaipuri razais are meticulously hand stitched in the traditional technique of piqué quilting. An expert team of local women karigars utilize extremely fine needles and single-ply thread to create each individual diamond pattern. Pure organic 200 gsm cotton is then filled in by hand and evenly spread using a bamboo or wooden stick.

Quality Control:
Every fabric, quilt, cushion cover and sample is put through a vigorous quality control program to ensure it meets our demanding standards. Each fabric batch is sent to an internationally recognized testing laboratory to ensure colour fastness and suitable resistance to fading. And, each finished product is inspected by hand to make sure every stitch and thread is in place before being packed for shipment.


For international shipping, each quilt is vacuum-sealed in recyclable plastic and packed in a corrugated box to reduce its carbon footprint and minimize our environmental impact. The vacuum-seal bags are reusable (with instructions printed on each bag) and we encourage you to make use of them for your travel needs. Please open the vacuum-sealing immediately on receipt of your parcel and shake your quilt open, giving it a few hours for the cotton to return to optimum fluffiness. Do not store our quilt in the vacuum packing. Block printed, eco-friendly cotton canvas bags are provided with each quilt instead: we hope you use these bags on your daily errands or utilize them to store the quilt when not in use.