Bombay Linen Fabric


  • Rs. 2,750
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What's Included:
  • 2 x Bath Towel
  • 2 x Hand Towel
  • 2 x Washcloth (free)
  • Design: Bombay
  • Material: 100% Linen
  • Width: 147.25cms (58")
  • Repeat: Continuous
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Size Chart
Size Width Length
King 244 cms (96") 274 cms (108")
Queen 229 cms (90") 244 cms (96")
Twin 183 cms (72") 229 cms (90")
Single 152 cms (60") 229 cms (90")
1 Meter = 1.094 Yards = 3.281 Feet
Baby: 112 x 122 cms (44" x 44")
  • Large = 76 x 152 cm OR 30” x 60”
  • Hand = 41 x 61 cm OR 16” x 24”
  • Face = 30 x 30 cm OR 12” x 12”
  • Bathmat = 51 x 76 cm OR 20” x 30”

Simple. Impeccable crafted solid white Irish mill-made linen in 58-inch width.

Impeccable crafted Irish mill-made linen, 58 inches wide.

No guarantees against wear, fading or perfect pattern alignment. Slight smudging, spots or other imperfections are normal & reflective of a handmade product. Fabric width & repeat are approximate. Shrinking and stretching may occur: a 3% to % change is reasonable. Dye lot variance is to be expected from order to order. 

Quantity is added per meter (1=1mtr). 

While printed or dyed furnishing materials have an inherent resistance to fading, all fabrics will fade eventually. Therefore, we suggest lining your curtains if practical and drawing them back from the window during daylight whenever possible. 

All woven fabrics, especially those made from natural fibres, will shrink to a certain extent and we recommend an allowance of 3% to 5% for this process. Even dry cleaning can cause shrinkage, although usually to a lesser degree than washing. For this reason, it is best to allow generous hems, loosely stitched to enable adjustments after the first washing or cleaning; side seams or attached linings should be hand slipped if possible to allow for the differential movement between face and lining fabrics.

Curtains made from natural fibres may also shrink, or indeed drop, due to fluctuations in atmospheric conditions (for example, variation of temperature or humidity such as excessive heat or dryness from radiators or excessive moisture from condensation). 

For ADITYA AHUJA fabrics, we recommend professional dry cleaning only.