Funky Monkey Summer Blanket

Funky Monkey

  • Rs. 6,500
What's Included:
  • 2 x Bath Towel
  • 2 x Hand Towel
  • 2 x Washcloth (free)
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Size Chart
Size Width Length
King 244 cms (96") 274 cms (108")
Queen 229 cms (90") 244 cms (96")
Twin 183 cms (72") 229 cms (90")
Single 152 cms (60") 229 cms (90")
1 Meter = 1.094 Yards = 3.281 Feet
Baby: 112 x 122 cms (44" x 44")
  • Large = 76 x 152 cm OR 30” x 60”
  • Hand = 41 x 61 cm OR 16” x 24”
  • Face = 30 x 30 cm OR 12” x 12”
  • Bathmat = 51 x 76 cm OR 20” x 30”

Funky Monkey is a serious monkey with a strange head. Transfixed by a tiny flower, he contemplates the very nature of existence. Block printed by hand, every little guy on the blanket is unique, brought to life in tones of granite with a hint of ice blue to add balance.

All our blanket patterns tie back to the Laila fabric, the centerpiece of the first collection. Funky Monkey is one of Laila's small and quirky animal motifs, repeated in simplified colours to create an all-over design that we adore.

Why should babies have all the fun?! Like our baby blankets, Dohars are also comprised of 3 layers of mulmul, an airy, ultra-breathable 100% cotton voile fabric. Soft, durable and ultra-light, these traditional Indian summer blankets are extremely versatile. Use them as throws, bedsheets or as blankets on hot nights. Our mulmul is prewashed to give you incredibly soft Dohars that stay that way, wash after wash. 

Cotton mulmul is a soft, breathable fabric that is incredibly easy to care for and stays soft wash after wash. Here are a few tips to care for your ADITYA AHUJA mulmul blanket.

For ADITYA AHUJA blankets we strongly recommend hand washing.

Fill a basin with warm water and add a pH-neutral soap or laundry detergent. Mix the water and detergent, using your hands to gently agitate your item. Soak for one hour. Do not worry if colour appears in your water, this is normal. Run cool water through the item until the rinse water is no longer soapy. Squeeze or push out the water. Hang to dry or lay flat.

However, we understand that this might not always be feasible. If you choose to wash your blanket  at home please try to follow the steps below, and do note that we are not liable for any mishaps!

Set machine to a normal cycle. Select cold for colours and warm for whites. Before placing items of like colours in the machine, remove anything that has Velcro, zippers or snaps to prevent the fastenings from snagging. Once the cycle is finished, remove items promptly from the washing machine. Hang to dry or lay flat if possible. If not, tumble dry on low.

With proper care our blankets should give you years of pleasure!